Principal's Message.....
“Education is one of the powerful tools which make a man into a complete human. I have been endowed with the responsibility of heading one of the premier educational institutions of the country. I am proud to be bestowed with the mantle of Principal and I invoke God’s blessing in making this institution a greater one with all his graces. With the support of the Sainik School Staff, the Old Boys Association, the state authorities and the wishes of the well wishers, I am sure this school will reach its goal of sending more children to National Defence Academy.”.
Notice Board
























1 Dr. Sauribandhan Kar 01 APR 2019
2 DIG Atul Agrawal, CGAE(BSR) 13 APR 2019
3 Prof. P C Agrawal, Principal RIE Bhubaneswar 29 APR 2019
4 Samir Ranjan Das, Minister of school and Mass Education, Odisha 17 JUN 2019
5 GP Captain P Ravi Kumar, ss Society (MOD) Sena Bhawan,  New Delhi  22 JUN 2019
6 Pravat Kumar Acharya, Under Secretary, Finance Department Secreteriat 11 JUL 2019 
7 Pramod Kumar Panigrahi, Parents Member, Kantabanji  Bhubaneswar 11 JUL 2019 
8 Rama Kanta Mishra SDO(PWD) Bhubaneswar 11 JUL 2019 
9 Er. Prakash Chandra Sahoo SDO(Engg), Nayapali Bhubaneswar 11 JUL 2019 
10 Akhileswar Mishra HM D.M School, RIE Bhubaneswar 11 JUL 2019 
11 Ramesh Chandra Sahoo, Asst. Engineer Sainik School Section, Bubaneswar 11 JUL 2019 
12 Ipsita Bisoi, Section officer P.H. Building , maintainance  Chandrashekharpur, Bhubaneswar 11 JUL 2019 
13 Air Marshal J N Burma, Chrisian Sahi, Khorda 11 JUL 2019
14 Dr. S. S. Patra, Asst. Directorate of Secondary Education, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 11 JUL 2019
15 Ashok Kumar Rath, Joint Secretary School & Mass Education Department, Govt of Odisha 11 JUL 2019
16 CAPT Saket khanna, NA to  FOCINC East  HQENC, Vaizag 11 JUL 2019
17 LT. Ranjeet Kumar, Flag LT to FOCINC East  HQENC, Vaizag 11 JUL 2019
18 VADM A K JAIN, FOC-In_C East 11 JUL 2019
19 Mr. Ashok Kumar Rath, Joint Secretary to Govt. school and Mass Education Department, Govt of Odisha Bhubaneswar 02 SEP 2019
20 Air Marshal J N Burma (Retd.), christian sahin Khorda 03 OCT 2019
21 SQN LDR Nisha Nain (F (P)), HTS, Hakimpet, Hyderabad 21 NOV 2019
22 Satya Narayan Jena, Asst. Prof. School of Law, KIIT University Bhubaneswar 26 NOV 2019
23 Shri Ranendra Pratap Swain Hon’ble Minister for food supplies consumer welfare and Co-operation Govt of Odisha 15 DEC 2019
24 Veternal Air Cmde A. Mohanty, VSM , CEO, Sankara Eye Hospital  21 DEC 2019
25 Col C Shasi, Administrative Commandant, Station Headquarters,  Bhubaneswar 12 JAN 2020
26 V ADM. Atul Kumar Jain, PVSM, AVSM,VSM flag Officer commanding in chief, Eastern  Naval Command 24 FEB 2020
27  Mr. Rajesh Das, Chennai 01 MAR 2020