Principal's Message.....
“One of our dreams is to see Sainik School Bhubaneswar stand tall and at the top not lonely but with other schools, as I believe in the theory that to grow is not to make others feel small but to ensure that others also grow with us. This ensures harmonious growth of the institution and all those associated with the school”.
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Principal’s Message……

“Education is one of the powerful tools which make a man into a complete human. I have been endowed with the responsibility of heading one of the premier educational institutions of the country. I am proud to be bestowed with the mantle of Principal and I invoke God’s blessing in making this institution a greater one with all his graces. With the support of the Sainik School Staff, the Old Boys Association, the state authorities and the wishes of the well wishers, I am sure this school will reach its goal of sending more children to National Defence Academy.”



                                                                   ACADEMIC STAFF

Sr.No. Name Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment
1 Dr. Sunil Dutt Singh PGT English 7-Dec-1970 10-Jun-2002
2 Mr. Bighneswar Pradhan Sr. Master, PGT Maths 25-Mar-1971 8-Feb-2006
3 Mr. Ganesh Kumar Todkar PGT Comp. Sc. 1-Jan-1973 7-Sep-2005
4 Mr. Sujay Kumar Pradhan PGT Chemistry 21-Jul-1976 22-Jun-2010
5 Mr. Ramesh Chandra Pati PGT Physics 3-Feb-1971 19-Sep-2005
6 Mr. Arindam Patra PGT Chemistry 18-June-1987 26-Aug-2015
7 Mr. Arkadipta Banerjee PGT Maths 11-Dec-1988 30-Oct-2017
8 Mrs. Anima Nanda PGT Biology 02-Jul-1986 25-Jun-2018
9 Mr. Taraprasad Rath TGT English 15-Jan-1963 13-Nov-1991
10 Dr. Sujata Panigrahi TGT Odia 16-Aug-1963 1-Jan-1994
11 Mr. Himansu Shekhar Das TGT Maths 21-Jul-1965 1-Jul-1994
12 Smt. Anita Tripathy TGT Hindi 7-Nov-1971 10-Jul-1996
13 Mr. Manoranjan Rath TGT  Social Sc. 2-Jun-1964 10-Aug-1996
14 Mr. Santosh Kumar Mishra TGT Maths 9-Dec-1965 25-Jul-1997
15 Mr. Sidheswar Nayak TGT Social Sc. 17-May-1962 4-Sep-1995
16 Mr. Devanand Golani TGT English 8-Jan-1976 10-Jun-2002
17 Mr. Manas Ranjan Mishra TGT Social Sc. 25-Nov-1969 15-Jul-2003
18 Mr. Badri Narayan Patra TGT Maths 28-Mar-1970 15-Jul-2003
19 Smt. Sabita Patra TGT Social Sc. 17-Dec-1979 10-Dec-2003
20 Smt. Radhika Debi TGT Science 9-Sep-1973 1-Jul-2002
21 Mr. Narendra Kr Jayanti TGT Science 16-Aug-1984 6-Sep-2013
22 Mr. Bikash Debta TGT English 05-Feb-1984 01-Sep-2010
23 Mr. Govind Narain Pandey TGT Hindi 15-Jan-1990 19-Nov-2015
24 Mrs.S. Gayatri Dora TGT Comp. Sc.  02-Jul-1986  23-Feb-2019
25 Mr. Nikhil Kaushik TGT Gen.Sc. 22-Jun-1986 01-July-2019
26 Smt. Chitra Mukherjee Librarian  10-Nov-1979  02-Mar-2015
27 Mr.A K Mukherjee Workshop Instructor 10-Feb-1967 4-Jul-1989

                                                       ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF

1  Mr. Jamana Ramesh Office Supdnt. 29-Mar-1979  1-Feb-2005
2 Mr. Binod Kumar Lal Accountant 29-Nov-1979 9-Feb-2016
3 Mr. Avdhesh Kumar Yadav Quartermaster 7-Jun-1963 7-Apr-2012
4 Mr. Niranjan Bhatta Mess Manager 21-May-1963 1-Dec-1988
5 Mr. Rajendra Kumar Pati Nursing Asst. 13-May-1959 1-Mar-2008
6 Mr. Surendra Kumar Bhoi UDC 5-May-1960 11-Jan-1985
7 Mr. Sarbananda Sahoo UDC 8-May-1960 1-Jan-1983
8 Mr. Naba Kishore Behura LDC 24-Feb-1961 1-Mar-1989
9 Mr. Kishore Bishoi LDC 25-May-1976 19-Aug-2016
10 Mr. Satya Mohanty LDC  04-May-1980 3-Mar-2017
11 Ms. Yogamaya Y. Swain LDC 03-Jun-1989 06-Aug-2018
12 Mr.S. K. Imteyaz Alli MTD 15-Jun-1982 15-Dec-2017
13 Mr. Srinivasa Rao Chetla MTD 10-Aug-1982 15-Oct-2018