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      Sainik Schools emerged in India as the feeder institutions of Defence to serve the motherland. These   Schools were established to promote national integration. Every Sainik School is a residential public School. Sainik School, Bhubaneswar is an outstanding school among all in which hostels are named after the great rivers of India. Accordingly this house has been named after the river Gomati.  Since the inception  Gomati has continuously been performing well in all the activities. Gomati river is a tributary of the most sacred river Ganga. As the river Gomati takes a long way to reach its destination, the Gladiators of Gomati take a long time i.e; seven years to enrich their personality and find themselves useful, bonafide citizens of the great country, India.‘Arise, awake & stop not till the goal is reached’. The Gladiators believe in this philosophy since the inception of the School. The motto of the House is ‘Success with Glory. Gomati house has produced many distinguished persons who are working in various walks of proving their worth in different achievements of the passed out cadet of our House.Mr R K Triathy is an IAS working in Gujarat at present. Mr. Ranendra Pratap Swain is an active political leader who was ex-minister of sports in the govt. of odisha. Many old boys like Mr. samrjit roy and Mr A K behera are in the army. Mr sutapa chakravarty the only girl is a major in the army. Mr niranjan Padhi medicine specialist is now working in Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar. Besides many others are efficient businessman are in different high posts. The gomati House is doing very well in game & sports. Gomati became champion in Athletics in 2002 when cdt Ansuman pramanik was the House captain.Our Ex-housemasters like J. Patro(1970) , Mr. RS Mohapatro (1994) were very popular for their contribution. They were the role model for the House.Every sorrow has a spark of joy behind it every adversity provides opportunity for a great achievements. Every disappointment sharpens the resolution to conquer adverse forces… though we are happy with our success, yet we aim to achieve more in future.




        In order to promote national integration and serve our motherland, the Sainik Schools, which are residential public schools took birth in the twentieth century. Sainik School, BBSR is one of them.‘Brahmaputra House’ is named after the famous river BRAHMAPUTRA. The rivers are considered to be female in India, but the ‘Brahmaputra’ is the only male river in India which means the son of the Hindu God Lord Brahma. As the river Brahmaputra takes a long way which covers three nations- Tibet, India and Bangladesh to reach its destination, the brave hearts (mighty eagles) of Brahmaputra have tried their best to promote the motto of our School Seva, Kartavya,Gyan & Veerta.The brave hearts of Brahmaputra with their strong determination, sheer zeal and hard work have excelled in academics.To prove their mettle, the brave hearts have bagged trophies in inter house basketball and football tournaments many times.Academics is of prime significance and considered as the backbone of all the competitions and our boys have excelled in this field too.Mr Biswajit Padhy, who was an inmate of the House, is now a reputed advocate who runs an NGO.We are proud of the achievements of some inmates of our House. Cdt Amitabh Samal and Cdt BD Singh joined the Army.  Cdt Prahlad Singh joined the Allied Services,  Cdt BK Das joined the Defence Foces. Our cadet N.K. Sundaray became an IAS. The House became the Cock House from 1974 to 1977. Twenty six cadets who passed out in 1979 have joined in Armed Forces.Brahmaputra House is optimistic of striving hard in the times to come and carve a niche for itself in all the activities, be it academic or co-curricular. The House had a glorious past, is making its mark at present and will have a golden future in the times to come.



         “The Ganges (Ganga) … is the river of India, which has held the heart of India captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. The story of the Ganges, from her source to the sea, from old times to new, is the story of the civilization and culture of India, of the rise and fall of empires, of great and proud cities, of adventures of man….” said the first Prime Minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. The Ganga is the most sacred river of the Hindus and is also a lifeline to millions of Indians who live along its course and depend on it for their daily needs. Our House is named after such a great lifeline of our country.True to its name the House has kept the spirit of India and Sainik School. The Sainik Schools are unique in their nature, aim and the way they function. So are the cadets of Ganga. They are disciplined, determined, responsible, take initiative and rise to the occasion. These are the qualities which make them the leaders in their chosen fields. We are called the Red Warriors of the School. ‘Never Say Die’ is our motto. People praise us as the Gallants of Ganga. Cadet AK Roy (S No. 55) was the first House Captain of the House.The spirit of Ganga has produced a number of successful leaders of our Country. Gen KPD Samanta is the first General Officer from the House, who stands tall as a source of inspiration for the future Generals, Admirals and Air Marshals of the School. The House has also produced a number of successful personalities like Sri NK Sudaray, I.A.S; Sri KC Mishra, a computer scientist etc. Above all, the alumni of the Sainik School in general, of Ganga House in particular are the finest citizens of this great country. Pupinder Singh from our House is a well-known film and T.V artist. Dr. A.K Chaudhury, Dr S.K Sethi, Dr A.Ghosal are from this House. Mr S P Patnaik from this House is now a reputed geologist. Mr B M  Padhi and Mr M K Nayak from the House have become very successful in their life.The School is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. In the changing times the School has also changed its structure, values, traditions which are suitable for the occasion. But the spirit and the ethos are the same. We, the Gallants, also take this occasion to rededicate ourselves to fulfil the aim of the School and our Great Country.


MOTTO- The Spartons”
         The river Sutlej has remarkable achievement for the people of the north western region. This river has become a life line for the people of the north western region. This river cuts twice the indo pak border confirming the everlasting friendly relationship with Pakistan in the same way our house has been named Sutlej House which reveals the prosperity and reliability and accompanies the school in its successful long run. The cadets like three Sparton maintain the name and fame of the House. Sutlejians have acquired the highest peak of fame in the last fifty years. In recent years they have reached the pinnacle of its glory in the different domains e.g. Sports, academics and everything else. The Spartans have justified the name. The first Housemaster of Sutlej House was Mr. V.N Sundaran. His initiative took the House to an exemplary position for the other house to follow.The sutlejians have got the champion trophy in volleyballs ten times. In this golden jubilee year also the House became the Hockey champion by defeating all other Houses. They have got the basketball trophy thirteen time . The house has done extremely well and declared as champion team. Cadet Manish yadav made the House proud by creating record in 100 meter race in 10.13 sec in the year 1987.In the field of co-curricular activities, sutlejians have done exceedingly well. In interhouse debate, English and Hindi competition, Sutlej House clinched the trophy from 1986 to 1990 and then 2003 to 2010. Sutlej house has been the proud cock House for 6 times. The sparton started the journey in the year 1965 to 1967 and then the house became cock house in the year 1973. In the last decade the House has won this coveted trophy 6 times.The House has produced excellent personalities in sphere of life. The alumni of the House have glorified the name of Sainik School, Bhubaneswar around the world. Mr. M.S Padhee(IAS), Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Mishra (IAS), Mr Ashok Kumar Sahu (Exceutive Director ,LIC), Mr. Dillip Ku. Padhi (Retd. Chief Engineer,PHD, Govt. of Odisha) are the gems of Sutlej House.Many of sutlejians laid down their lives in the service of motherland. many cadets of Sutlej House have entered into NDA. Cadet  Viswesh Kumar has been selected to join NDA in the year 2009. The sutlejians take the pledge to serve the nation and resolve to glorify the name of Sainik School, Bhubaneswar.
         This is newly built senior house which has been named after the  holy river Baitarini.The Baitarani River or River  Vaitarani (Oriya: ବୈତରଣୀ ନଦୀ, Devanagari:वैतरणी नदी) is one of six major rivers of Odisha, India. Venerated in popular epics and legends, the Baitarani River is a source of water for agricultural irrigation. Most of the potentially arable land in the area is not under cultivation. The coastal plain of Odisha has the name of “Hexadeltaic region” or the “Gift of Six Rivers”. These deltas divide the coastal plain into three regions from north to south. The Baitarani, the Mahanadi and the Brahmani rivers form the Middle Coastal Plain, with evidence of past ‘back bays’ and present lakes.




                  In 1962, Cauvery House got its name from the great and sacred river Cauvery. Its first house master was  Mr.SK Jain followed by Mr L N Pandey.As this big river Cauvery flows continuously benefitting the people with hydro-electricity, agricultural productivity and drinking water facility, the energetic Candids of Cauvery similarly cater the various needs and developments of this nation. The inmates have been inspired to follow the footprints of their seniors.True to its name the Candids of Cauvery have reached the highest peak of fame during fifty years with the motto  ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached’. The Candids of Cauvery have become very much successful in games and sports, academics and other activities for the continuous and dedicated efforts of the Housemasters.In the last decade the House was champion several times in sports and games. The  maximum number of Cauverians participated in Inter Sainik Schools zonal teams in hockey, football and volleyball on behalf of Sainik School, Bhubaneswar many times.In the year 2008-09 the maximum number of Cauverians played the prestigious national level Subrato Cup on behalf of Sainik School, BBSR. In the same year  cdt Ashab Hussain of this House bagged the 2nd Position in mini marathon race organized by ETV Odia.Last year Cdt. Ashab Hussain played in the volley ball Inter Sainik Schools Zonal team of Sainik School, BBSR and was awarded as the best lifter and Cdt. Aman Akash of this House was awarded as the best goal- keeper of the state in the school level  football match.In the field of co-curricular activities , the Cauverians have done exceedingly well in the school as well as outside competitions. Last  year Cdt. Ashab Hussain bagged the 2nd position in the debate competiton organized at the Sainik Camp ,Delhi and cdt. Aman Akash bagged the 1st position in Quiz , 3rd position in English debate in Central Zone and 3rd Position in English essay competition conducted by Rajeev Gandhi Sadbhavna Samiti.In this Golden Jubilee year also the House is doing exceedingly well in all the field,  in interhouse competitions the House became Hockey champion and bagged the 1st position in Hindi essay , Hindi debate, Odia essay and Odia debate. The Cauverians have been the best many times and have received the ‘Cock House’ trophies several times.Mr. R P Swain, a good leader & minister was from this House. Mr Biswaraj Pattnaik, the dramatist, Mr Anil Kar,the academician and Mr Harendra Mohapatra, the hockeyplayer & dramatist were the inmates of this House. Cdt S K Giri of this House joined NDA and Cdt A K J R Naik from this House is a faculty in XIMB.The House has produced excellent personalities in all spheres. Its inmates have glorified the name of Sainik School, Bhubaneswar around the world. Air Marshal S K Bhan, AVSM, VM (school no – 112), Air Cmdr T K Rath,VSM  are the gems of Cauvery House. Many of the Cauverians laid down their lives in the service of the motherland.The Cauverians take the pledge to serve the nation and resolve to glorify the name of Sainik School, Bhubaneswar.


          Godavari House has a glorious history . The House is named  after the largest river of southern India, ‘Godavari’.  It covers a length of about 1465 kms, originates from the Western Ghats of Maharastra, behind the village Trimbak in Nashik district before submerging in the Bay of Bengal.Being the largest river of Deccan and life- lines for millions, its gigantic size, fertile delta and its holiness  become a source of inspiration for the Great Godavarians. The achievements and success of the cadets really signify the name ‘Dakshin Ganga’ in true sense of the term.Godavari House has reached at the pinnacle of success since its coming into being in 1962. The House has proved its worth not only in academics but also in games, co-curricular activities and other inter- house competitions . The House did hatrick in capturing the most coveted ‘Cock House’ trophy since the session 2008-09. This House has been declared as the champion House in the Annual Athletic meets for the last three consecutive years. This is the largest House in area amongst the ten Houses and also has started the House library first in Sainik School, BBSR. Godavari House is the first House to have the colour television in the year 1986. It seems that the cadets have been very much influenced by the indian culture which has always been reflected in their performance in the inter-house cultural competitions and they have been adjudged as the best thrice in succession.The present shape and success of the House would not have been possible without the blood and sweat of the past house masters. Here it is worth- mentioning that the housemaster like late N.P Dixit (1974), Master (Chem.) has contributed a lot in upbringing the House.In  the past many cadets participated in various events outside the school and with their excellent performance they brought laurels to the House. Many of the boys excelled in every walk of life and now they are the role -models for the young Godavarians.The most illustrious alumnus of the Godavari House is (Retd) Lt. Gen. J. K. Mohanty VYSM,SM,VSM ,ADC school no- 16, who joined NDA in 1966, and became an indispensable member of the Indian Army. He donated Rs 7 lakhs for the renovation of the House and since then this House became a model House for others. This shows his love and respect for the House, where his success was nourished right from his studentship.Godavari House is very hopeful to witness improvement being successful in the coming years and will touch the new height of accomplishment and excellence in every field.



            Mahanadi House has been named after the longest river of Odisha – Mahanadi.  The river Mahanadi has its source in the highlands of the Raipur district of Chhattisgarh and proceeds through the state of Odisha to reach the Bay of Bengal. It has bestowed the people a total of 80000 sq kms of cultivable land which is almost 4% of the total cultivable land in India. Today the agriculture of the state primarily depends on a network of canals that arise from the river Mahanadi. The immense contribution of the river to the economy of the state is known to one and all.
Justifying its name, Mahanadi House has been contributing immensely to the society by producing true and loyal citizens of the country since its inception in 1964. Although we are not sure who the 1st housemaster of Mahanadi was, yet but Mr. B N L Srivastav, who was also the Sr. Master and now retired was the house master from 1970 to 1982. During this period the name of the House was changed for some reason which is not known exactly and was called Ganga House till 1996. In 1996, the House got back its original name and since then it is being known as Mahanadi House. The House has produced many illustrious persons. Some of them are Lt Gen KPD Samant, Air Marshal J N Burma, Mr. Pritish Basa (present President of OBA), Mr. R K Tripathy IAS, Brig L C Pattanaik, Mr Nikunja Sundarray, IAS. Mr R R Mishra, Mr Abani Mishra, Mr Amresh Routaray, Mr H Mohapatra, Mr Tushar Mishra, Dr Sushil Das were the inmates of this House who are well-known in their own fields.The Mahanadians are more popularly called as Mammoths of Mahanadi, who are very good at sports & games. This House was the most influential over boxing & Athletics events for quite a long time. Every cadet of Mahanadi epitomizes himself with everlasting traditional virtues of self discipline and loyalty. The cadets of Mahanadi take pride in calling themselves as Mammoths of Mahanadi and never fall back in taking the challenges of real life. The motto of the House ‘Can Do It’ is always reflected in their activities. May God bless the Mahanadians with success and glory.


             All the Houses of Sainik School, Bhubaneswar are named after the major rivers of our country. The House derives its name from one of the important rivers of the western part ,that is river Narmada. River Narmada originates from Amarkantak hills in Madhya Pradesh and flows towards the western direction crossing Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra & Gujarat. Finally, it enters into the Arabian Sea. It covers a distance of 1312 kms. As the rivers serve the people in all ages, our cadets learn to serve the country and its people.. The only motive of the School is to motivate the cadets to join NDA, Khadagwasla and get commissioned as officers, who would then contribute towards the security and defence of the country. Narmada House started functioning in the year 1962 and Mr. R C Ram was the first house-master of the House and Manoj Marandi was the first house captain. In the beginning it was a senior House and later on it got converted into a junior House and since last two years it has become a fresher’s House where innocent cadets are moulded to perform various activities in their life. Well supported by the efficient and dedicated staff – members the House takes special care of its cadets teaching them the good qualities like honesty, co-operation, fellow-feeling, self-reliance, confidence and the other values. This House has produced a good number of great and successful personalities in the fields of Armed Forces and Civil Services like Shri Dinkar Sharma, school no- 396 who is at present a Shankaracharya in Bandipura Peeth, Mr. R. P Swain, the former Sports Minister of the Government of Orissa. For a decade since its inception this House became the champion in hockey and basketball. In gardening and cleanliness House stood first consecutively for more than three years. The House will always work hard to keep its name and fame. For that we expect the blessings and co-operation of one and all.


           Krishna House is a holding House named as per the great river ‘Krishna’ flowing from the western ghats in the west to the eastern ghats in the east to meet the sea. This House refreshes its heart every year at the time of new admission of the cadets into class VI and after one year overflows with emotion when the inmates leave the
House to shift to other junior Houses after the annual examination. Still in this yearly process it keeps memory of tiny cadets for years together. At the time of my entry into Sainik School, Bhubaneswar as a teacher in 1987 I was attracted to enjoy the natural group activities of these class VI cadets and smile on their innocent faces . I was also keen to watch their exhibition match among themselves , clapping during senior cadet’s match, watching the cultural show, dancing on the occasion of New Year Eve etc. Mr. L.N Pandey was the house-master of Krishna at that time and then Mr. N S Verma took the charge. I was getting pleasure to spare my leisure time with them. One day our Principal Col M PS Tyagi called me to his office and told, ‘I want to give you an odd duty.’ To reply him, without any thought I told ,’Yes sir’, not only to obey the order of the Head of my institution but also to honour his impartial and affectionate personality. He detailed me to be the house master of Krishna House. The day was 31st January, 1992. At that time I was the youngest house-master here after the completion of my probation period. More than 11 years passed in Krishna, then I had been given the housemastership of Godavari House by the Principal Col. D Choudhury on 19th sep 2002. I continued there till 28th April , 2004. Then after a gap again I became the housemaster of Krishna w.e.f 1st April 2009 and continuing till now. During the tenure of my housemastership  I remember the golden era of Krishna House when Cdr M V Vasudevan was the Principal. Krishna and Yamuna both the Houses were fresher’s Houses at that time. Mr.T P Rath was the house-master of Yamuna. We, both the house-masters had been given full freedom to decide any project for these fresher’s houses without any common official attachment with the other Houses. Our functions, picnics and co-curricular activities were organized as per our internal decisions. Both the Houses were going for picnics at a time to one place even when the strength was 140. The officers of the School including the staff-members attached to the houses were accompaning the cadets happily. I recall the association of the hostel superintendents starting from Mr. B Pattnaik, Mrs N dixit and Mrs Sasmita Devi with this house. Mrs Sasmita, who passéd away on 7th Feb 2007 in a pathetic road accident, was not only working as a matron, but also as the mother of 70 fresher cadets. She was a poet and able to know the child psychology and how to deal with them in different situations. As the freshers were not included in the inter house routines competitions, we were conducting inter-dormitory competitions like song, dance, acting, quiz, some games and sports etc and giving away prizes in the House Annual Day. House Annual Day cum prize giving ceremony was our own internal creation with the approval of the Principal. For this ceremony Headmaster, Registrar, School Doctor and the other staff-members were invited by the cadets.  The small cadets were very happy to receive the prizes from them as this was their first exposure in this big institution. Like this, years and years are passing away, but the memories of Krishna House still resounds in my heart reflecting the golden moments of the past. It might not create a history, but can keep a page of memory with a hope of golden future.

          Yamuna House is named after the river Yamuna, the most sacred river among all the rivers as per the Hindu mythology. Yamuna House cadets, with the sheer interest, grit, determination and hard work have achieved the glory of being the cadets of the ‘Cock House’ many times since its inception in 1962. Focussing on the sports arena the cadets of the House left no stone unturned in order to carve a niche for themselves. To prove their mettle ’the Sporty green’ proved their worth in inter-house tournaments by bagging the trophies several times. Upholding the ideal of the school motto ‘Seva,Kartavya,Gyan and Veerta’ the House excelled in academics  as well. Moreover, every cadet of the House epitomizes himself with the everlasting traditional traits of self-discipline & allegiance. Mr. Sudarsan Panigrahi, Master (Mathematics) was appointed as the first housemaster of Yamuna House. Then after Mr HB Dash took over the House as the house-master for more than 15 years. The source of river Yamuna is at Yamunotri in the Himalayan Mountains. It flows through the states of Delhi, Haryana & Uttar Pradesh before merging with the Ganges at Allahabad. Yamuna House is optimistic of striving hard in the times to come and to bring laurels for itself in all the activities- be it in academics or co-curricular. The House with its glorious past is making its path at present to make its future golden.